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Can You Sell New or Unused Ink Cartridges?

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Ink printers are ranked as one of the most commonly purchased items in the workplace. Nearly every establishment today owns an ink printer or outsources the print management service. A printer is critical in many offices, schools, hospitals, and homes.

With everyone buying printers, ink cartridges are in demand. Depending on your printing needs, you may stock up on several cartridges during one month or season. Once your busy season ends, you may have many new and unused ink cartridges you don’t need and want to sell.

What exactly should you do with your extra new or unused ink cartridges? If you dispose of them in the trash, they’ll end up in landfills. Given the durable material that they are built from, these ink cartridges could last in landfills for over 1,000 years. The improperly disposed ink cartridges will negatively impact the environment when they finally break down.

You may ask, where can I sell my ink cartridges to avoid destroying the environment?

Fortunately, buyback companies like WeBuyToner can help take these unused ink cartridges off your hands. Read on to learn how to sell your new and unused ink cartridges.

Can you sell unused ink cartridges?

Instead of leaving ink cartridges to pile up, you can contact buyback companies to buyback ink cartridges. Not only could you make some extra income, but you’ll also be putting the ink cartridges to good use.

Selling unused cartridges is one of the simplest tasks to earn a little income while doing some good for the environment. Before contacting a buyback company, check your ink cartridges for any damage to the box and other vital details that they will want to know about. If the cartridges are unused, you can contact a buyback company like WeBuyToner, who’ll direct you to the next steps.

How much can you sell new or unused ink cartridges for?

As discussed above, the demand for ink cartridges is at an all-time high. With the number of ink printers rising, it’s only natural to have a surging need for the accompanying cartridges.
Admittedly, getting an exact price will vary as numerous factors are considered before a price is determined.

If your ink cartridge is in good condition, it’ll likely fetch a high price. Certain brands may also sell for higher prices compared to others. The best way to get an exact amount of how much you can sell your unused ink cartridges for is by contacting a buyback company. After filling out a form provided by WeBuyToner, the company will get back to you with an exact quote.

Where can you sell unused ink cartridges?

If you are interested in getting cash for your unused cartridges, you can start selling your new or unused ink cartridges to WeBuyToner. WeBuyToner has an easy process to sell ink cartridges, and you’ll be able to get cash quickly. You can check if your buyback ink cartridges match the What WeBuy criteria, then submit your cartridges for the buyback company to contact you with next steps to sell ink cartridges.


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