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Is Printer Ink Toxic?
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Is Printer Ink Toxic?

If your office does a lot of printing, spillage is inevitable when changing cartridges or removing damaged ones. Often, the ink ends up on your clothes or skin, but the mouth and eyes can also become victims. At this point, you worry whether the ink is toxic.

Is printer ink toxic? Let’s find out, and learn how to sell unused ink cartridges!

Ordinary printer ink is mildly toxic. Is toxic ink bad? Only when consumed in large quantities.

Printer ink is composed of dyes, lacquers, and adhesives. While some of these components are toxic, it will take prolonged exposure to result in harmful effects on your body.

Common side effects of consuming, inhaling, or touching printer ink for long periods include:

  • Skin problems caused by irritation, allergies, dermatitis
  • Respiratory problems like asthma, lung damage
  • Others include drowsiness, dizziness, central nervous system damage

Is a printer cartridge harmful? No, unless the cartridge is damaged and emits dangerous fumes.

However, these incidents can be preventable if you take the necessary precautions including storing cartridges in a dark, dry place and tampering with them only when necessary.

What Happens if I Get Ink Smeared on Me When Changing My Cartridge?

You must be wondering what happens when your skin comes into contact with printer ink. “Can I touch ink?” you might ask. Touching ink in small quantities when changing cartridges or during spillages is generally safe.

Basic printer ink should wash off with ordinary dishwashing soap.

What happens when you have extremely sensitive skin? You may experience slight itching, redness, or burning sensation in the affected area. In such cases, contact a doctor or dermatologist immediately.

If your clothes got smeared with printer ink, dip a cloth in warm water and gently scrub the stain until it is no longer visible. After you wash it, if there is still a stain, you can follow the instructions in this article, How to Get Printer Ink or Toner Out of Clothes: 5 Simple Steps.

Is Printer Ink Toxic? It depends on how you interact with it.

Printer ink is toxic when consumed in large quantities or after prolonged exposure. However, a smear or a little drop won’t harm you. More often than not, you’ll only get exposure to printer ink in cases where the cartridge is older or damaged.  It’s important to clean out any ink or toner cartridges that are unwanted or older.

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