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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
of our WeBuy Process

Frequently Asked Questions
of our WeBuy Process

How The WeBuy Process Works

Please complete the online form or upload a complete list of available cartridges along with photos. We will review your submission and send you a quote.

Submit Request

What We Buy

We accept new, unused genuine ink and toner cartridges from all of the major brands. For example, we accept the following brand names: HP, Canon, Epson and Brother. We do not accept cartridges that have been refilled, refurbished or remanufactured.

What We Don’t Buy

We don’t accept third-party manufacturers, remanufactured, refilled, used or unpackaged cartridges.

What Photos Should I Submit For Review?

Good photos should allow us to:

  • Count the amount of ink and toner cartridges you are selling to us.
  • Be able to read model numbers and the brand of each item.
  • Identify the box condition of each item clearly.  If you know of any imperfections on the box, please submit those photos as well.

Photos that we can’t use for quoting:

  • Model numbers are not visible
  • Images are too dark or blurry
  • Images are from stock photos or other retail sites

Remember, the more photos you can send the quicker and better the quote will be.

What Cartridge Information Do I Need?

When submitting your form, we’ll need information for each cartridge to accurately quote you the best price.

What should be included for each cartridge:

How Do I Find My Ink or Toner Model?

The model # is found on the cartridge’s box.  It is often self explanatory. However, if you can’t find it, please contact us for further assistance.

Where Do I Find The Warranty Date Or Manufacturer Date?

Not all manufacturers include dates on their product. For instance, Canon only has dates on toners, Brother only has them on inks and HP has warranty end dates on inks but manufacturer dates on toners.

Regardless, if there are dates on the package, please provide them to us. If we receive images or a list without dates for items that do have them, we will reach back out for more information and this will delay the process.

What Are the Box Conditions?

4 Stars – Perfect Box (Grade A):

Perfect Factory Sealed Box – The outer box is in perfect condition and is completely sealed. The box has never been opened and has no rips, holes, writing, labels, etc. Just like you would find at a retail store.


3 Stars – Blemished Box (Grade B):

The outer box is sealed with minor damage to the box. – The outer box may have a minor dent, scratch, or imperfection. The cartridge(s) is expected to be in perfect condition and the inner packaging is sealed.


2 Stars – Damaged Box (Grade C):

The outer box is sealed with multiple obvious imperfections on the box – The outer box has significant damage to the box, large holes in the box, many rips on the box, etc. The cartridge(s) is expected to be in perfect condition and the inner packaging is sealed.


1 Star – Open Box (Grade D):

Open Box – The outer box has been opened but the inner packaging is still sealed. The cartridge(s) is expected to be in perfect condition and the inner packaging is sealed.


Get a Quote

What Happens After You Submit a Request?

After submitting a quotation request, you will receive a verification email within one (1) business day.
Our staff will review your submission and will reply via email with an offer for the products that we are interested in purchasing.
At that time, you will be able to accept or deny this offer by replying to the email.

What If I Didn't Get a Verification Email?

If you have not received a verification email within 1 business day, first , check your Inbox, and your Spam folders.

The sender of the email will be from WeBuyToner.
If you still do not receive the verification email after 24 hours, please contact us to follow up.

Accept Offer

How to Accept the Offer

The offer email from WeBuyerToner will outline our offer for the products that we are interested in purchasing as well as the products we are not offering to purchase.

To accept the offer simply respond back to that email that the offer has been accepted. If you would like to accept the offer, we will also provide you with a prepaid shipping label.

Shipping Product

How to Ship Your Items

When shipping your items, we ask that you follow the below instructions on how to pack your cartridges to avoid damage.

How Should I Pack My Items for Shipment?

Please follow these steps while packing your products for shipment:

  • Pack all products in a corrugated shipping box. Do not place shipping labels directly on the product.
  • Please try and put as many cartridges into a corrugated shipping box up to a maximum weight of 50 lbs.
  • Products must be securely packaged in the shipping box so that no damage can occur during transport.  
  • All products shipped to us should be exactly as depicted in the photos provided during the offer/acceptance process.

When packing up your items, please refrain from doing the following:

  • If any labels are currently on the product boxes don’t attempt to remove them as it could damage the packaging and impact the offer value.
  • Please do not write, mark or draw on the packaging after photos have been submitted as it could impact the offer value.  
  • If there is already writing on the product boxes, don’t attempt to remove it as it could damage the packaging and impact the offer value.
How Do I Receive Prepaid Shipping Labels?

Once an offer is accepted, we provide free shipping label(s) so that the products can be shipped to us. Labels will be sent to the email address that was used for the offer and acceptance communications. Currently we ship via Fedex or USPS. The seller is responsible to make arrangements for package pick-up or to drop off package(s) with the appropriate carrier.

We will predetermine how many labels your shipment should require.  Please try to get as many cartridges as possible into a single box up to 50 lbs.  However, if you need more labels send a request to us and we will review and respond.

How Can I Track the Order?

You can track your package once it is shipped by going to the carrier’s website and entering the tracking # from the shipping label we provided.

What Happens If the Package is Damaged or not Received?

In the rare instance that your package is lost or damaged, we will contact the carrier on your behalf to help to resolve the issue and will keep you informed. While we will do our best to work with the carrier to resolve a lost or damaged package, we are not responsible for the value of the damaged or lost package.

Get Paid

What Happens After WeBuyToner Receives the Items?

Once we receive your package, it will be inspected by our team members where we compare the product to the photos and description provided for the initial quote. This usually takes 1 to 2 business days from receipt of the package. We will notify you via email when this has been completed. If we find any discrepancies between the actual product and the information provided via email during the offer and acceptance process, we will send you a modified quote for you to either accept or reject.

What Happens in the Inspection Process?

Our staff will take photos and document the condition of the products.

What Happens If the Items Were Not as Described?

If items come in not as described, they may be subject to an updated quote.

If any of the items we received are not accepted, we will send you a notice of our rejection of those items. Within 2 business days, you’ll need to accept or reject the new offer and tell us what to do with the rejected items.

What Happens to Rejected Items?

If you want those rejected item(s) back you will need to send us a shipping label. If you do not want the product(s) back, then at your direction, we can arrange for them to be recycled.

If you don’t respond within 2 business days, we will take that as authorization to proceed with recycling the product(s).

How Do I Receive Payment?

After inspection and acceptance by WeBuyToner , we will process the payment via a check through checkbook.io.

Other FAQs

How Do I Get In Touch With WeBuyToner?

You can contact us either through email, phone or through our chatbot.

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