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What Does a Surplus Ink & Toner Buyer Do?

What Do Surplus Ink & Toner Buyers Do

Did you know you can sell ink toner cartridges? If you have excess, unused cartridges, sell them to an ink and toner cartridge surplus company. It will be far better than throwing them in the trash as lost revenue and ending up in a dumpsite polluting the environment.

Read to learn how to sell unused toner and ink cartridges to a surplus ink and toner buyer.

What Are Surplus Ink and Toner Cartridge Buyer Companies?  

A surplus ink and toner buyer company specializes in purchasing liquidated, overstock, freight distressed, expired, open-boxed, out-of-box supplies, clearance, obsolete products, or supplies not needed due to printer upgrades or ordering too much stock. Ink and toner surplus buyers are in the business of locating and purchasing unneeded supplies and helping companies recover lost revenue from these assets.

If you want to sell unused toner cartridges, contact a surplus cartridge company, like WeBuyToner, specializing in collecting them and getting them off of your balance sheet.

Selling unused ink cartridges to the company will not only recover some money after ordering too much stock or upgrading your company’s printers but is an excellent option to save the environment and support eco-friendly business practices.

What Do Ink and Toner Surplus Buyer Companies Buy?

A surplus toner buyer focuses on purchasing unused ink or toner cartridges for which you might not have further use. Surplus toner buyers will often take the following printer cartridges off your hands:

  1. Liquidated company assets due to bankruptcy or store closings
  2. Overstock cartridges that are getting close to their expiration date
  3. Clearance or Obsolete inventory that the store will no longer carry
  4. Unneeded cartridges due to upgraded or broken equipment
  5. Distressed freight or abandoned cargo that needs to be offloaded

Some companies will even accept ink and toner cartridges in opened boxes with dents or scratches on the original box.

The ink or toner cartridge should be from well-known brand-name manufacturers like HP, Epson, Brother, Canon, and other name brands. As long as they are not refurbished, remanufactured, or refilled, the surplus ink and toner buyer will likely accept the unused printer cartridge.

Where to Find an Ink and Toner Surplus Buyer?

You can find companies like WeBuyToner online, and as our name suggests, we specialize in ink and toner cartridge buying.

All you have to do is fill out the form with your contact information, describe the condition of the cartridge, and upload your photos to sell unused ink and toner cartridges.

We’ll then inspect the photos and send you a quote. If you accept it, we’ll examine the cartridges you send us, and if it meets our expectations, we’ll mail you the check. It’s that simple.

If you have a surplus of ink and toner cartridges and do not intend to use them, you could sell them to a surplus cartridge-buying company, like WeBuyToner. We will gladly pay for them if they are still in their original packaging and from a major manufacturer.

Contact us today if you intend to sell unused ink and toner cartridges.

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