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Top 5 Environmentally Conscious Ink & Toner Buyback Companies in the World

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Have you heard of people selling their unused toner cartridges to buyback companies? You might be considering doing the same!

For that, you need to know which companies to trust. Below is some advice on selecting good buyback companies and a list of the top five in the world that will buy back unused ink cartridges.

What Makes a Good Buyback Company?

The following qualities make an excellent buyback company to consider selling your ink and toner cartridges to:


A good buyback company is straightforward and transparent in all its dealings with you.

At every step, they must inform you of the processes and status of your transaction with them. For example, they will confirm receipt of your form, respond promptly with a quote, and follow up on the shipping process at all times.


A good buyback company looks professional and communicates promptly and clearly. Companies like WeBuyToner have a professional website and several means of communication, including an online form, email, and phone. They also have a section where you can ask questions and get answers from a human agent through an online chat.


A professional buyback company offers speedy services, saving precious time for both parties. You get swift responses once you submit the contact form. Those good at what they do send you quick quotes and a check within days of receiving the product(s).


A good buyback company explains its processes from beginning to end.

They explain the buyback process from the first contact, and they are punctual with their actions. If they say they will send your check-in 48 hours, they will do just that.

Top 5 Environmental Conscious Ink & Toner Buyback Companies in the World

Below are the top five most professional and reliable buyback companies in the world that are also environmentally conscious:

WeBuyToner (United States)

Opening this list is WeBuyToner, a mother-and-son company located in Mountainside, NJ, and a leading buyer of surplus unused toner and ink cartridges. The company deals with various sellers nationwide, including individuals, businesses, schools, and government institutions.

Once you submit the contact form and accept their quote, they mail you a prepaid label to ease the shipping.

Ink Genie BuyBack Program (United States)

Second, comes Ink Genie’s buyback program that accepts any unused cartridges from original brands, including Canon, Brother, Epson, and HP. They buy cartridges in all conditions, including:

  • Those in perfect condition without holes, rips, or writing
  • Those in sealed packages with slight damage like writings, holes
  • Significantly damaged boxes but with the contents still new

EveryCartridge (United Kingdom)

EveryCartridge in the UK is another buyback company only dealing with unused cartridges in perfect condition. Their buyback program is directed towards environmental conservation. They collect and reuse the cartridges, and in return, they will plant two trees for every cartridge reused through their CartridgeForest program. You, in turn, collect points and a certificate from Trees for the Future.

Cartridge World (Australia)

This buyback company recycles printer cartridges through a partnership with Cartridges 4 Planet Ark. They are based in Australia with over 130 stores. They mainly accept unused or unwanted printing supplies bought at Cartridge World but will take other cartridges from other companies. You can find bins in each of their store locations.

StinkyInk (United Kingdom)

StinkyInk is the last but still good recycling company on this list. They are based in the United Kingdom and are considered the #1 for UK ink, with over 65K positive reviews. They are the people to talk to if you want to recycle your empty or used ink and toner cartridges from genuine and remanufactured brands like Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, HP, and many more.

WeBuyToner and Ink Genie top the list in the United States for a good reason. They buy all genuine brands in all conditions, even cartridges without a package. You also get a free shipping label and competitive prices.

In conclusion, a good buyback company should be transparent, professional, efficient, and reliable. But if you are looking for an environmentally conscious company, consider the companies on our top five list. Get started today and contact WeBuyToner to sell your unused ink and toner cartridges to a professional ink cartridge buyer!

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