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What to Do if You Can’t Return Your Unused HP Toner Cartridge?
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What to Do if You Can’t Return Your Unused HP Toner Cartridge?

So what are you to do with unused HP toner cartridges after upgrading or replacing the old HP printer? Toss it in the trash? That would be a bad idea.

See, a typical toner cartridge takes more than 1,000 years to decompose. That’s longer than the time it takes to decompose a plastic bottle!

Instead of letting the old and unused toner cartridge collect dust in some closet, you can save mother earth and get your money back. Keep reading to find out how.

Return unused HP toner cartridges

But wait, can’t you just return the toner cartridge to the supplier or manufacturer? Sure, HP and other manufacturers have a return policy allowing you to send back unused HP toner cartridges. But there’s a catch—less than customer-friendly return policies.

Yes, HP will likely take it off your hands and issue a refund, but only if the HP toner cartridge is within warranty. In most cases, they only accept returns 30 days after purchase.

And even if you’re still under the warranty period, major online stores like eBay and Amazon or manufacturers like HP and Epson will not accept returns if you open the packaging.

That’s not even considering the fine print on most of their return policies, which contain stringent return requirements. Quite often, they slap unreasonable shipping or other costs that make it impossible to justify the return.

What to do with unused HP toner cartridges?

If you don’t intend to use the HP toner cartridge, DO NOT dispose of it through waste disposal. Toner cartridges contain harmful heavy metals and chemicals like volatile organic compounds.

Consumers wrongly dispose of them in landfills at a rate of 1 million used and unused HP toner cartridges daily. These components leach into the ground and pollute the water and soil while decomposing for years.

You should dispose of them responsibly.

One way to return your unused HP toner cartridge would be to search for companies that will purchase unused HP toner cartridges. They typically ask you to send them photos of the toner cartridge and will offer you cash based on that. This arrangement allows you to earn some money as you conserve the environment.

How to sell unused HP toner cartridges?

Selling an unused HP toner cartridge is a simple process you can complete in a few minutes. Here’s the step-by-step guide:

  1. Take photos of the unused toner cartridge. Ensure the photos capture all the angles of the box to enhance your chances of a better offer.
  2. Upload the photos.
  3. Fill in the form. You will need to fill in information like model number and expiration date, so fetch this beforehand.

After that, you’ll receive a quote from the toner buyback company. It is up to you to either accept or reject the offer.

If you accept the offer, print the shipping label, attach it to the package, and send the HP toner cartridge to the toner buyback company. Upon inspection and approval of the cartridge, the company will send you a check.

Where to sell my new or unused HP toner cartridges?

If you love the environment and want to earn something for your conservation efforts, your best bet is a buyback toner cartridges company like WeBuyToner. We are an environmentally-conscious company committed to collecting and recycling unused ink and toner cartridges.

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