Terms and Conditions

At WeBuyToner (the “Company”, “WeBuyToner”, “us”, “we”, or “our”), we purchase new and unused print supplies from individuals, businesses or other entities.

We buy most OEM ink and toner cartridges from all of the major brands, including but not limited to Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Xerox, etc.

When filling out the request form, please be as truthful as possible. The request information needs to be 100% accurate or the quote will be adjusted after we inspect the products.


What We Don’t Buy

We do not purchase ink or toner cartridges that are re-manufactured, refilled, or used; ie. cartridges that have a generic label and use the words “Compatible”, “replaces (name of) cartridge”, “Premium Replacement “, or “Remanufactured”. Examples of these brands include, but are not limited to: Innovera, Staples, LD Products, etc. If your cartridge has these words on the label or are manufactured by the example brands, we ask that you contact us first to see if we will be able to accept them.  If these cartridges are found in your shipment, it may result in a reduction of your overall offer which will affect your payout total.  If you want the items returned, you’ll need to send us a shipping label to ship them back.

We, on occasion, purchase or recycle original cartridges where the inner bag has been opened. Opened ink and toner inner packaging please contact us regarding these cartridges. .

Depending on quantities, we sometimes purchase expired cartridges. All ink cartridges must have expiration dates at least 9 months out to still be considered fresh. Ink cartridges that expire within 9 months or are already expired within the last 24 months will be considered at a reduced rate.

We do not purchase used or empty ink or toner cartridges. If you want to recycle them, we advise you to look for the nearest recycle center.  If they are included in your shipment, we may charge you for recycling them and remove them from your offer.

Before submitting your request for an offer: Be sure to look at the items to ensure that they meet these criteria.

We reserve the right to reject any submission.

Shipping Your Items

WeBuyToner provides shipping labels for all products within the Continental US that are being sold to us. All orders get free shipping to our facility when you’ve accepted our initial offer.

Carefully pack your products into an outer box, called overboxing. All items must be packed within a shipping box or palletized (depending on quantities).  To prevent damage and ensure the products arrive in good condition, please make sure to overbox with ample packaging material to ensure safe arrival.

Please do not try to remove any retail store stickers or labels from your items.  We will professionally remove all labels from boxes as rips or label residue can reduce the value of a cartridge..

A single shipping box must weigh under 50lbs; Maximum box size should be less than 60 total inches, for example the box should be smaller then 20″ X 20″ X 20″. If you cannot fit all of your items into  one shipping box, please let us know and we’ll send you another shipping label

You must pack and ship “in bulk” as much as possible. As an example; we don’t want to see 4 products in two boxes when shipping all 4 products in one box would work.

For larger shipments, we can arrange a freight pick up or have other options.  Please contact us if your offer is large enough to warrant freight.

How We Determine Payment

Upon arrival, our team will inspect your products to ensure that they match the offer quoted. Once the shipment has been inspected, you will receive a notification regarding payment or if we have found any discrepancies with your order.   Payment will be issued within 24 hours either after we verify that all contents matched the original quote or approval of the updated offer, in the event that items were not received or were not received as originally described. 

Partially received orders will have their payments delayed until the entire set of products are received and inspected by our team.  We advise you to ship the products at the same time to avoid any delays.

Legal Right to Sell to Us

ALL SELLERS MUST HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT TO SELL US YOUR PRODUCTS. DO NOT MAKE OFFERS FOR PRODUCTS THAT ARE NOT LEGALLY YOURS TO SELL. If you are brokering the deal, then you must have the consent of the owner to sell the products BEFORE you offer them to us.

Every seller must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age in order to conduct business with WeBuyToner. By submitting an offer, the seller confirms 100% legal ownership of product(s); all toner or ink cartridges. Furthermore, the seller confirms they are a legal re-seller or the actual legal owner of any products sold or attempted to be sold to WeBuyToner.

Seller agrees that any disputes regarding any transaction must be resolved in the courts of the State of New Jersey.

WeBuyToner may, but shall not be obligated or required to, request documentation or other proof of compliance with the requirements contained in these terms and conditions.



Our prices are based on current buy back pricing. Due to the constant changes in the market, all offers are only valid for 5 days.  Long delays in receiving your products can result in a market adjustment against the initial offer.


Counterfeit Products

Selling counterfeit goods to WeBuyToner will not be tolerated, and criminals will be prosecuted.

WeBuyToner accepts and buys Original, OEM products only. If we suspect that the products are counterfeit. WeBuyToner reserves the right to investigate and contact the rightful authorities to evaluate and assess the products for further verification.

Lost or Stolen Packages

You must promptly notify us if your shipment is delayed due to it being lost or stolen.  We are not responsible for packages that do not arrive at our facility or packages that were not actually received due to mismarked labels. We will help locate the package or file a claim, but WeBuyToner is not financially responsible.

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