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How to Sell Toner Cartridges

Sell your canon toner

Selling toner cartridges online is an excellent way to earn extra money while minimizing waste. Buyback companies are willing to purchase unused toner cartridges to prevent them from ending up in the trash. To sell your unused printer cartridges at competitive rates, keep the following points in mind.

What Buyback Programs Buy

Buyback programs typically accept new, unused original toner cartridges from major brands. Brand names like HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, Xerox, Oki and others are among the best picks when you want to make a quick sale.

Most buyback programs prefer toner cartridges in good condition, with their original packaging and intact security seals. The overall condition of the box should resemble what you find at a retail store.

Minor damage such as small scratches or box dents are acceptable, as long as the cartridge inside is in perfect condition and the inner package is sealed. If the damage doesn’t affect usability, completing the sale should be easy.

Buyback programs will also accept products with open boxes as long as the inner package is still sealed.  Cartridges still in their original packaging with no blemishes will fetch the best price, but you can still receive an offer for open boxes.  Prices will also vary depending on the demand for the specific print toner cartridges that you are interested in selling.

What Buyback Programs Don’t Buy?

When it comes to buyback programs and the sale of toner cartridges, there are certain considerations that you should know before selling your cartridge. For instance, buyback programs are often reluctant to purchase cartridges that are outside their original packaging or those from off-brand and remanufactured/refilled sources.

Additionally, it is important to note that many buyback programs have guidelines for items that they don’t buy, such as not accepting cartridges that are more than two years old, from third-party manufacturers, refilled or unpackaged cartridges, or cartridges that have been previously used.

Where to Sell Toner Cartridges

You can easily earn money by selling your toner cartridges to WeBuyToner, the best place to sell toner cartridges. Here’s what you need to do to get started:

Step #1: Enter your contact information here.

Step #2: Take clear pictures of your cartridge(s) to showcase their condition. Each photo should allow us to:

  • Determine the number of toner cartridges you’re selling
  • Read the brand and model numbers of each item
  • Assess the box condition of each item

Ensure that your photos are well-lit and accurately represent what you are selling. Don’t send stock photos or photos from retail sites.

Step # 3: Provide us with detailed information about each cartridge, including the brand, expiration date if applicable, and model. You can enter details for more than one product in the form.

Step # 4: We will respond as quickly as possible with a quote for your toner cartridges.

Partner with us to get cash for your toner cartridges.

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