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What Happens After We Receive the Items?

Once we receive your package, it will go under inspection by our team members where we compare the product to the data provided for the initial quote. This usually takes 24 – 48 hours from receipt of the package, and we will notify you via email when this has been completed.  If we find  issues with  the product  we will send you a modified quote for you to either accept or reject.

What Happens in the Inspection Process?

Our staff will take photos and document the condition of the products.

What Happens If the Quote is Modified?

If any of the items we received are not accepted, we will send you a notice of our rejection of those items. Within 48 hours, you’ll need to accept or reject the new offer and tell us what to do with the rejected items.

What Happens to Rejected Items?

If you want those rejected items back you will need to send us a shipping label.  If you just want them recycled we will take care of that for you upon your request.   If you don’t respond within 48 hours we will  assume you want them recycled.

How Do I Receive Payment?

After the inspection and final offer is accepted, we will process the payment via the options that you have indicated. Our payment options are the following:

  • Check via checkbook.io
  • Zelle

Other FAQs

How Do I Get In Touch With WeBuyToner?

You can contact us either through email, phone or through our chatbot.  You can see all of the contact information here.

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